Enabling sourcing decision making: identification of IT resources using a validated reference model

  • S. (Sven) Vos

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Using a design science approach, this study developed a framework to identify IT assets, IT capabilities and underlying coherences in an outsourcing context. Using a single case study in a large governmental organization with seven participants from various levels of involvement with outsourcing decision making, we were able to validate the model whilst revealing several areas for
improvement. Respondents involved on a daily base with outsourcing decision making prefer a more detailed model and advise to broaden the scope of the model by including business aspects. All respondents acknowledged useful applications for the model, including internal assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of the cooperation with IT service providers, enabling them to prioritize IT gaps within their company. Several assets and capabilities are often outsourced in combination, which is identified both respondent’s answers and literature and provides cause for follow-up research.
Limited by a small number of interviews in a single case organization this is a first attempt for further research. Including cases in the future would allow for extrapolation of the current findings. Our model can provide a valuable evaluation tool for both decision makers and directions for future research
Date of Award6 Jan 2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRob Kusters (Examiner) & Ella Roubtsova (Co-assessor)


  • IT resources
  • Outsourcing
  • framework
  • IT assets
  • IT capabilities

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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