Factors that contribute to the successful implementation of business intelligence and business analytics (BI&A) within the financial sector

  • M. Zwering

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Several studies show working with business intelligence and analytic (BI&A) technologies in daily business operations lead to better performance. Research also shows about 70% to 80% of organizations fail to implement the BI&A-technology successfully. In a response to this, researchers mapped out CriticalSuccessFactors (CSFs) aiming to increase successful implementations. Yet, the uptake has been minimal because of different causes, such as technical factors, data-quality and user-satisfaction. While investigate this phenomenon, it is noticeable researchers assume a one size fits all solution, but differences between sectors might also be the case. The aim of this study is to compile a framework based on empirically validated CSFs, relevant for successful implementations of BI&A-technologies within the financial sector. To this end, first a systematic literature review is conducted to set up a list of CSFs relevant for an implementation success. After finalizing this list, the CSFs are validated empirically by conducting a single embedded case study in which several semi-structured interviews are held with employees working at a bank within the Netherlands. Ultimately this research provides an empirical validation of eleven CSFs and left two open for further investigation.
Date of Award12 Feb 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorIrene Vanderfeesten (Examiner) & Samaneh Bagheri (Supervisor)


  • Business intelligence
  • business analytics
  • Critical Success Factors
  • CSFs
  • financial sector

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