Groeien naar een sociaal-groene toekomst van Heerlen-Noord
: Integraal onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van vergroening voor verbetering van de leefbaarheid in Heerlen-Noord

  • R Klooster
  • F van der Meer
  • R van Rijswijk

Student thesis: Bachelor's Thesis


This report focuses on urban greening of Heerlen-Noord from three different perspectives. First, the physical aspects are considered, with a focus on how green policies can contribute to combating the urban heat island effect and policy gaps that might be present. Next, the governmental aspects of this policy are described, with a focus on how the local government has framed the concept of ‘green space’, using interviews and policy analysis. Finally, the concept of ‘utility maximalisation’ is used from a sociological perspective to look at the
requirements of successful urban greening as a way to combat social issues. Three mainsuggestions are given; drafting a clear plan for stakeholders, structural involvement of the inhabitants of affected neighbourhoods and continuity regarding the execution of plans on neighbourhood and street level. These are translated to the following recommendations for
Programmabureau Heerlen-Noord. Firstly, to make citizens the starting point of new policies using a stakeholder analysis. Secondly, to plant fast growing and robust trees within the neighbourhoods themselves. Thirdly, to formulate urban greening policies in a concrete manner and to clarify relevant concepts towards the local government and towards citizens. Fourthly, to incorporate moments of evaluation based on clear preconceived goals. Fifthly, to plan maintenance of green spaces from the moment new urban green space is first discussed.
Finally, to be persistent with plans that are already on their way and to hold-on to and align with those projects that have already managed to successfully arise within the various neighbourhood
Date of Award3 Feb 2023
Original languageDutch
SupervisorLisanne Groen (Supervisor), Dennis Martens (Co-assessor) & Angelique Lansu (Examiner)


  • Urban Greening
  • Liveability
  • Urban Climate Change Adaptation
  • policy
  • Utility maximization

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