Het preventief aanpakken van mobile phishing naar beveiligingscodes in Nederland
: Het elimineren van mobile phishing aanvallen door de grondoorzaken van dit probleem te achterhalen

Translated title of the thesis: Preventive tackling mobile phishing for security codes for internet banking in the Netherlands: Eliminating mobile phishing attacks by finding the root causes of this problem
  • L. Bujitu

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Mobile phishing is a form of cyber attacks that criminals use to tempt smartphone users to click on a link via WhatsApp, SMS or Messenger, for example, and to log in to a false (bank) website with personal details such as username and password for further exploitation. In recent years, the problem of mobile phishing for internet banking security codes has increased. Especially in times of Corona (2020-2021) this problem has increased significantly. This research is aimed at investigating how mobile phishing for internet banking security codes can be prevented. Data was collected by conducting a literature search, sending out a survey and mailing a questionnaire to a Dutch bank. The findings of this research are that little literature can be found about mobile phishing in the Netherlands, while this problem is increasing in times of Corona. For example, it appears that the process of mobile phishing has not been fully mapped out in previous studies and it is not clear exactly what measures banks and potential victims are taking to combat this problem. The results of the empirical research largely confirm the results of existing literature. Further research into causes and prevention measures for this problem is required to combat this problem.
Date of Award14 Apr 2021
Original languageDutch
SupervisorLloyd Rutledge (Examiner) & Lex Bijlsma (Co-assessor)


  • Mobile phishing
  • smishing
  • phishing
  • beveiligingscodes internetbankieren
  • betaalverzoekfraude

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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