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: Contribution of coaching with video and bug-in-ear technology on early career teachers’ classroom management competences: a comparison.

  • Judith De Boer

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The well-being of early career teachers is protected by adequate classroom management competences adding to self-efficacy beliefs. Unfortunately, many early career teachers feel unprepared to manage their class successfully, causing job stress and leading to early teacher attrition. Support like coaching, is appreciated and effective in training the lack of competences and promoting confidence. The central question of this explorative study is: ‘How do video and bug-in-ear coaching (BIE) compare in their possible effects on classroom management competences and self-efficacy beliefs of early career teachers in primary education?’
Seven teachers were followed during coaching interventions using video and BIE technology. A multiple instrumental case-study is used within a mixed method design. Quantitative data is measured with an observation tool (CMOT) and a questionnaire (TSES). Qualitative data were collected by personal logs and interviews. Data analysis was performed by coding the stories and merging codes into themes, supplemented by visual inspection of the changes in behaviour and non-parametric testing of the difference values between the pre- and post-test. The teachers developed positively during the coaching thereby increasing their self-efficacy. It looks like teachers who were coached with immediate feedback retained their enhanced classroom management competences longer and teachers who were coached with video experienced the strongest growth in self-efficacy beliefs. These differences require further investigation. All felt supported by their coach through attention, awareness and advice. Regardless of the strains of using BIE or a camera during teaching, they recommend video or BIE-coaching to early career teachers.
Date of Award13 Dec 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKarel Kreijns (Supervisor)


  • Coaching
  • Immediate feedback
  • Video feedback
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Classroom Management

Master's Degree

  • Master Onderwijswetenschappen

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