Intrinsische Motivation beim computerunterstützten individuellen und kollaborativen Sprachenlernen.

Translated title of the thesis: Intrinsic Motivation in Computer-Supported Individu-al and Collaborative Language. Learning

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the ever-growing amount of information in the modern society the demand for competence is growing. To meet this need, a prototype of a self-directed collaborative learning platform for English as a foreign language was developed in collaboration with ALTISSIA. Following the workflow of design-based research the prototype was designed and implemented to enable learners to practise productive skills (speaking and writing) in individual and collabora-tive formats. The participants’ motivation in both formats was addressed through quantitative and qualitative measures. The results showed higher scores for motivation in the collaborative format. What is more, a mildly de-clining trend in the individual format was identified, in contrast with the in-creasing trend in collaborative format. The findings of this exploratory study shade light onto the complex concept of motivation in CSCL and individual formats.
Date of Award26 Jul 2021
Original languageGerman


  • computer-supported collaborative learning
  • intrinsic motivation
  • English as a foreign language
  • design-based research
  • CSCL
  • DBR
  • EFL

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