Measures of Critical Success Factors of CI/CD processes

  • B. Buis

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Numerous organisations are adopting continuous practices to keep up with customers’ expectations. Applying continuous practices consists of multiple aspects and requires change in different levels of an organisation. It not only affects the IT teams and the employees of the organisation but also the customers and suppliers. Earlier research has identified Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) processes.
The CI/CD-processes can be looked at from different perspectives. This research focuses on the customer perspective of the CI/CD-processes and the related CSF’s. We aim to find measures that contribute to these CSF’s by conducting a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). The results of this SLR will be validated at a case organisation that applies continuous practices.
Ultimately the goal of this research is to strive to an operational framework of CSF’s and related measures that provides guidance and monitoring in adopting continuous practices.
Date of Award10 May 2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJ.J.M. Trienekens (Examiner), Michiel van Belzen (External assessor) & Rob Kusters (Co-assessor)


  • CI/CD
  • Continuous Practices
  • DevOps
  • Measures
  • Critical Success Factors
  • CSF
  • Continuous Deployments
  • Continuous Integration

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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