Proposed model for IT Project Portfolio performance assessment and follow-up
: A design science research: development and evaluation of a ITPP assessment process model.

  • H. Verrept

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


IT Project Portfolio Management is an important discipline in the modern IT landscape, with all medium to large companies being dependent on the successful completion of at least a few IT projects.
This thesis attempts to create a process for assessing ITPP performance and to generate improvement measures. It does so by creating a structured dialogue between multiple stakeholders in the ITPP across departments and management levels. This forms part of a line of research at the Open Universiteit which tries to establish methods for companies to introduce the management of their ITPP. The specific research questions of this dissertation are “What do ideal risk and health registers look like?” and “How can a company implement and follow-up on improvement measures based on an analysis of risk and health registers?”
The created model is a further iteration on previously proposed models by researchers and attempts to improve on these in multiple ways through expanding the model with information from a literature study. The new model was subsequently tested by performing a case study at a large airline in the Benelux.
The results indicate that while the concept behind the research is valuable, further improvements and expansion of the model are necessary to create a viable tool. Improvements should focus on the risk part of the dashboard, and the further development of the registers’ output. These conclusions also align with those of previous researchers, specifically Michels (2021), Muradin (2021) and Schoeman (2021).
Date of Award24 Jun 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRob Kusters (Examiner) & Ruud Wissenburg (Co-assessor)


  • IT Project Portfolio Management
  • Design Science Research
  • Portfolio Health
  • Portfolio Risk
  • ITPP Assessment
  • Dashboards

Master's Degree

  • Master Business Process management & IT (BPMIT)

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