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: Reusable architecture for the front-end of an Intelligent Tutoring System

  • C. Zijlstra

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Although working from home has become increasingly important, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, almost the entire world has learned even more the importance of being able to work from home. Many people had to stay at home because of the lockdowns. This also applies to schools; teachers and students had to stay at home and schools had to offer alternatives to teach the students.
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs), systems with which students can learn learning material from a computer, already existed before those days but can contribute in those needs. A big problem with these ITSs is the cost of development and maintenance of the software.

This cost of development can possible be reduced when parts of an ITS can be used by another ITS. In this study we examine a possible architecture of the front-end of a logic ITS, by determining the requirements, creating an architecture based on those requirements and making a proof of concept of the front-end. The studied architecture is based on a product line architecture, where components are reusable in multiple versions of the front-end, but it is recommended to add an extra entity related to the connected module. Besides that the relation between feedback and hints in relation to the SIM architecture needs to be studied.

When the front-end or parts of it are reusable, it would reduce the development costs of an ITS, which would improve usability for education.
Date of Award26 Feb 2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorBastiaan Heeren (Examiner), Josje Lodder (Co-assessor) & Sylvia Stuurman (Co-assessor)

Master's Degree

  • Master Software Engineering

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