Toetsing van de wisselwerking tussen natuur en (lokale) voedselvoorziening vanuit de doelstellingen van de Roadmap Leuven 2050

Translated title of the thesis: Review of the interaction between nature and (local) food supply in the objectives of Roadmap Leuven 205
  • Ellen Bosgoed
  • Renjie Luo
  • Griet Mortier
  • Yentl Staelens

Student thesis: Bachelor's Thesis


NGO Leuven 2030 created a roadmap “Leuven 2050” that aims to address climate change locally.The program's objectives include increasing local food production capacity and further greening.As a result of land scarcity in Leuven,competition is existing between food production and greening. This advisory report aims to researchtheopportunities and conflictsassociated withthe objective of combininglocal food production and greeningin Leuven. A mixed method approach was adopted to investigate the re-search question,including aliterature review, map analysis andinterview with experts.This study comprises of the following seven themes: (i) use of space, (ii) tensions and tendencies, (iii) stake-holder visions and synergies, (iv) synergy-enhancing typologies, (v) potential of agroforestry, (vi) ef-fects of food consumption and (vii) effects of dietary variations. The following conclusions were drawn based on ourresearch findings: (i) a large discrepancy between actual land use and destination is ex-istent, (ii)the agricultural area will show a continuous steady decline if policies remain unchanged, (iii)tensions between agriculture and nature are rather limited in Leuven, and mainly caused by urban-ization, (iv)bottom-up participation and creating win-wins areessential, (v) among agroforestry-sys-tems, food forests are the most compatible as a climate-adaptive and participatory food productionsystem,(vi) greenhouse gas emissions from food are ten times the local agricultural emissions, and(vii)replacing especially harmful products with local alternatives enhances biodiversity the most.
Date of Award8 Feb 2021
Original languageDutch
SupervisorStijn Neuteleers (Supervisor), Angelique Lansu (Examiner), Wim Verheyden (Co-assessor) & Caroline Huyghe (Co-assessor)


  • Agriculture
  • agroforestry
  • biodiversity
  • diet
  • ecosystem services
  • food consumption
  • food production
  • footprint
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • land scarcity
  • land fragmentation
  • land use
  • land use conflict,
  • nature
  • spatial accounting
  • species loss
  • synergy
  • virtual agricultural land

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