Uitwijkmogelijkheden voor vogels in het Oosterscheldegebied
: Onderzoek uitgevoerd in opdracht van Vogelbescherming Nederland.

Translated title of the thesis: Migration Options for Birds in the Oosterschelde area: Research commissioned by Vogelbescherming Nederland
  • Han Homan
  • Sofie van Nierop
  • Ada Ouwehand

Student thesis: Bachelor's Thesis


The EU Birds and Habitats Directives mandates ecological assessments for all plans or projects within Natura 2000 sites, following the Bird and Habitat Directive. This study focuses on the ecological assessments conducted in the Natura2000 area Oosterschelde, specifically addressing the evaluation of disturbance on avian species. The possibility for birds to migrate to a different location is often mentioned as a reason to consider the impact of the disturbance from the plan or project as non-significant. We analysed 45 ecological assessments for substantiations of migration options, the cumulative effect of plans, and activities in the area. Furthermore, we interviewed relevant authorities, ecologists and experts in the area on the current conditions of the Oosterschelde. Our findings reveal a notable variability in the quality of ecological assessments. Often, migration options’ locations are not further defined, evaluation for carrying capacity is lacking, and there is no solid scientific basis for these migration options. The research provides valuable insights into the ecological assessment process, showcasing varying levels of precision in both documentation and broader processes related to the protection of Natura 2000 areas. Pressures on bird populations in the area are shown to be mounting and multiple bird populations show worrying trends. This varying precision and its impact should be further evaluated to determine its impact on the bird populations and the protection of Natura 2000 areas.
Date of Award16 Feb 2024
Original languageDutch
SupervisorRaoul Beunen (Supervisor), Sonja Weeda (Co-assessor) & Angelique Lansu (Examiner)


  • Ecologische toets
  • passende beoordeling
  • uitwijkmogelijkheden
  • toetsing
  • cumulatief effect
  • ecologische draagkracht
  • Oosterschelde
  • Natura 2000

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