Value-creation and multilevel boundary crossing in PLCs.

  • Dorieke Swinkels - Veldt

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The complex process of learning in Professional Learning Communities can be analyzed with several theories and frameworks. To fully understand learning in PLCs, theories need to be integrated. The overall research question of this thesis is: How do the mechanisms and processes of multilevel boundary crossing relate to the cycles of value-creation in professional learning communities, consisting of professionals from diverse educational backgrounds? Knowledge about those relations will offer leads to optimizing the learning processes and the innovative capacity of a PLC. For this qualitative case study, two PLCs each consisting of participants from two educational organizations were followed three years, from start to end. Semi-structured interviews were conducted yearly with all participants about the Value-Creation experienced by participants, and the occurring learning mechanisms of Multilevel Boundary Crossing. Thus, insights were gained into the relations between these two theories. Indications have been found for consistent combinations of values and mechanisms such as strategic value and identification. Sequel tendencies of both values and mechanisms are also reported, starting with strategic, enabling, and immediate value, and with identification and coordination. In particular, the way strategic and enabling value were experienced seemed to influence the course of PLCs. Nevertheless, strategic, enabling, and orienting value need further research as they are newer parts of the Value-Creation Framework.
Date of Award1 Mar 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMarjan Vermeulen (Supervisor)


  • PLC
  • Multilevel Boundary Crossing
  • Value-Creation

Master's Degree

  • Master Onderwijswetenschappen

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